We operate in the mining segment and related production chains, providing the following services:

Assessment of Resources and Reserves

Assessment of resources and reserves based on Decree No. 9,604, of June 12, 2018, which classifies the mineral reserve in inferred, indicated and measured resources, and in probable and proven reserves, considering the international report model for the declaration of results of exploration, resources and mineral reserves, prepared by the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO), represented in Brazil by the Brazilian Commission for Resources and Reserves (CBRR). The conceptual studies, of pre-feasibility and feasibility, are elaborated with methods that best adapt to the mining project, from validation and specific tests.

Geological Modeling

Services of construction, review and validation of geological information database, data integration and interpretation of geological, geophysical, geochemical and structural controls, and modeling in 2D and 3D, providing geological understanding of the mineral deposit and the development of strategies and planning that minimize adverse situations, risks or factual probabilities not observed in the natural phenomenon.

Geometallurgical Modeling

Our multidisciplinary team is able to offer geometallurgical modeling services, a current and efficient way of optimizing the use of mineral resources and reserves. By integrating geological information from the deposit with mineral processing and mine planning, besides other information that may compose the geometallurgical model, the uncertainties associated with the different geological domains of the deposit and with market determinations are minimized, allowing greater predictability of the beneficiation plant and the optimization of mining sequencing. We use, among other methods, modeling by geostatistical methods of metallurgical and process variables.

Mineralogical and Technological Characterization of Ores

As a fundamental support to the choice of the most effective beneficiation process, resulting in economy, lower generation of tailings and better use of mineral resources, a detailed analysis of the mineralogical, physical and chemical characteristics of the ores and their responses to different methods of separation and concentration is needed. Semi-quantitative and quantitative mineralogical analyses, using X-ray diffractometry (XRD), electronic microprobe; scanning electronic microscope (SEM) equipped with an X-ray dispersive energy analysis system (EDS); infrared spectroscopy, Mössbauer spectroscopy, thermodifferential and thermogravimetric analyses, rapid chemical attacks, in addition to crushing tests, granulometric classification, grinding, mud removal, thickening, gravimetric separation, flotation, flocculation, leaching, desorption, recovery of metals by precipitation, distillation, electrodeposition, among other techniques, are part of the services provided by Lobo Engenharia.

Due Diligence and Engineering Projects

Due Diligence: The experience, diversity of expertise, and national and international recognition of the technical competence of our team make Lobo Engenharia able to perform internal and external technical and economic audits of companies aiming mergers, acquisitions, sales, feasibility of developing new products, hiring new suppliers, establishing commercial partnerships, among other issues.

Engineering Projects (greenfield): Projects in the stages FEL 1: Scope Study or Study of business opportunity or technical and economic feasibility of the business, and FEL 2: Conceptual engineering; technical support in project development in the FEL 3 phase: Basic engineering; technical support on the implantation, and in setting projects in motion.

Engineering Projects (brownfield): Optimization of the use of mineral resources, going through projects to reduce operational costs, via rationalization of energy, water and input consumption, along with complementary projects for the economic uses of processed and sterile tailing flows of the mine, and complemented by actions aimed at providing greater security on the site of the mine and its zone of influence, through projects of deposition of tailings, after dewatering.

Management of Mineral Assets

These services include the monitoring of mining processes in the agencies granting mineral rights (ANM and SGM / MME), instruction and analysis of requests for extension of deadlines, preparation of the Final Research Report and of the Plan for Economic Use, in the light of current legislation.

Strategic Management of the Social-Environmental Area

The excellence in the design of the engineering project, in the preparation of environmental studies, in the interlocution with stakeholders, from mineral research to mine closure, are the pillars of the services provided by Lobo Engenharia in the socio-environmental area. The activities involve guidance, technical advice and preparation of environmental studies, of the Environmental Control Plan (ECP), and of the Mine Closure Plan, reconciling it with the Recovery Plan of Degraded Areas, and the monitoring of their executions, in addition to direct assistance in promoting a friendly relationship between mineral activity and stakeholders, potentializing its positive impacts and minimizing its negative impacts on the local social dynamics.

Mine Closure Plan

The preparation and correct implantation of the Mine Closure Plan brings the following effective results on: the reduction of environmental liabilities, the reduction and dilution, during the lifespan of the mine, of the costs inherent to its closure and, mainly, the reduction of conflicts with the communities. In addition to these advantages, a well-designed and consistently implanted Mine Closure Plan contributes positively to the image of mining, since it becomes the representative of the legacy of the activity for society. Our services, from this perspective of Mine Closure, range from the advice or the effective preparation of the Mine Closure Plan to its implantation, operationalization and periodic reviews, integrating the analysis of all technical and economic possibilities of closure with compliance with legislation and social demands, especially regarding the future use of the mined area.

Ore Beneficiation, Hydrometallurgy, Pyrometallurgy, Chemical Processes

With a highly qualified and experienced team in mineral processing and mineral transformation by chemical, hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes, we offer services of evaluation and monitoring of exploratory tests, bench tests or on a pilot scale, of fragmentation (crushing and grinding), granulometric classification, concentration by physical and physicochemical methods, dewatering (thickening, filtering and/or centrifugation), leaching; analysis and evaluation of the implantation and operation of sampling systems, automation and instrumentation of ore beneficiation plants, among other expertise of our team of consultants.

Occupational Safety and Health

Management of the areas of health, work safety, and occupational hygiene, focusing on legal compliance, risk reduction, development of preventive programs, and development of the actions of leaders, followers, and health and safety teams, aiming at reducing the rate of personal accidents, with and without leave of absence from work.

Facilitation in Interinstitutional and Governmental Relations

Management of the mineral portfolios of companies with ANM, IBAMA, ICMBIO, IPHAN, MME, MMA, ANA, state and municipal environmental agencies, Hydrographic Basin Committees, as well as the Legislative and Judiciary Powers.

Complementary Services of Engineering and Management of the Implantation of the Venture

Owners Engineering: support services to owners (shareholders/quota holders) and stakeholders in their choice of the best alternatives for the implantation of the venture with regard to process routes, technology, necessary investments, equity and third-party capital, possible financing lines, suppliers and service providers, availability of production factors (access, water supply, electricity, labor, local and regional support infrastructure, government licensing, etc.);

Supply Management in a regimen of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) or EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management): customer support in the preparation of invitation letters, notices and supply specifications, selection of suppliers, analysis of proposals, technical and economic opinion of proposals, negotiations with suppliers;

Management, Planning and Control of the Implantation of Industrial Ventures, including: time, quality, costs, safety, health, hygiene and environment;

Support to The Activities of Supplies of Materials, Equipment and Services, preparation of the Vendor List in mutual agreement with the client and the experience of the professionals from Lobo Engenharia, technical analysis of proposals, meetings with suppliers for clarification and respective equalizations of proposals, technical opinions, customer support in negotiations with suppliers and service providers of probing and other geotechnical investigations, civil works, electromechanical assembly, and others that may be necessary.